Elderly Care

Safety Tips for the Elderly and Seniors at Home

According to a statistical report, 46 million US citizens are above the age of 65. Most of them either live with their families, or live alone. Most of them suffer from chronic diseases, such as heart stroke, arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure and COPD etc. Besides, elders are more prone to falls, slips and unconsciousness due to weakness or a disorder.

Not all homeowners can hire caregivers for their elderly loved ones. With tough work routine and schedule, it becomes difficult to offer proper care and support to the older family members for many people. As a result, many feel guilty, in case the health and life of their senior member is compromised.

Modern technology offers some of the most incredible devices that can ensure safety and security of your aged family members. Here are some of the equipment experts found beneficial for the elderly:

  1. Make them Independent

    Giving your older parents and grandparents a keychain remote means giving them freedom to control home without needing to move a lot. Keychain remote can perform different functions; it can arm/disarm a security alarm system and call help in emergency situations by pressing the panic button on it as well. Keychain remote comes with lifetime warranty and has long lasting battery life.

  2. Get Instant Medical Support

    Seniors are more likely to be at a risk of being sick due to different causes. There’s also high probability of falls and slips with them when they’re at home alone. To make sure your older family member gets first aid in a timely manner, get them a medical alert bracelet. Make sure they wear it all the time, particularly, when sleeping or when nobody’s around.

    Latest medical alert bracelet enables homeowners to handle an emergency in a timely manner. Just a simple push and the panic button activates the alarm system, calling emergency responders for help.

  3. Improve Your Home Lights

    One of the commonest issues with the elderly ones is that they complain about their vision. Some of them wear glasses for this purpose. They need to turn on all the lights, no matter if it is daytime or night. Improving home lights for your elderly also helps ensure their safety. Falls, slips and stumbling upon a toy or couch risks can be minimized if you install a smart bulb. Since the smart bulb consumes low electricity voltage, you won’t have to be worried about high electrical bill. Installing a smart bulb app on your old family member’s smartphone also gives them freedom to turn on and off the smart bulbs remotely.

  4. Secure their Life

    Nothing is more important than life security. We always want our older family members to have a long and happy life, right? To make sure they stay safe and protected against all environmental hazards, get them the wireless home security system installed.

    Police reports say 14 in 15 convicts confessed they find it easy to tackle a senior citizen during a crime. They are weaker and can’t defend themselves well.

    Empower your older loved ones with monitored home security systems so that no criminal could dare to harm them.

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