Violent Florida Home Invasion

Security Camera Records Ruthless Home Intrusion due to Unlocked Doors in FL

Florida – Modern security camera recorded a brutal home invasion in Florida, police say. It happened in Pembroke Pines where two homeowners were assaulted.

In the video clip, two robbers entered through an open front door at around 4:40 am at a 12th Court residence. There’s a man sleeping on a couch and a woman sitting near him. One of the suspect runs quickly for grabbing the woman, while the other points his gun at the sleeping male victim. He threatens and beats him badly.

The robber then ties the victim and moves around the house to collect valuables. The male victim somehow manages to reach the control panel of a home security system. Seeing this, the robbers rush over to hit him and run away at once.

Police have released their video to ask the public for help. Read details here:

How can Home Security Systems Help to Deter Criminals?

14 in 15 criminals fear home alarm systems. The reason is they are a sure way to jail. Here are the top 3 ways how a home security system can help deter criminals and keep you safe:

  • Lock your Doors All the Time

    A keyless door lock can keep your doors lock all the time. You can manage your doors remotely with these keyless locks. This keeps you safe against all threats.

  • Arm Your Alarm System

    You can stay safe from any chaotic situation with an active alarm system. It increases your safety chances to 300 times. Install a modern wireless home security system today and never forget to arm it.

  • Catch Thieves Right from Your Camera

    Modern security cameras help you catch thieves and criminals by recording them red handed. Place video surveillance cameras at all major entry exit areas of your home. Modern cameras are motion triggered and send you live notifications of all suspected activities, ensuring your complete protection.

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