Shocking Statistics About Home Intrusions

Shocking Statistics About Home Intrusions

It might come as a shock to you that more than 2 million break-ins happen every year in the United States. As per the Federal Bureau of Investigation, this implies home burglary happens at regular intervals!

While you may believe that your neighborhood is genuinely protected and that you locked your doors and windows usually, the realities are that you and your family could without much of a stretch become one of these unnerving statistics.

With just 17% of private homes detailing that they have a security system, it is no uncertainty that the numbers could decay if more homeowners put resources into a far-reaching systems like the services we have here at Perfect Home Defense. If you are a homeowner thinking about whether a home security system might be directly for you, here are some astounding statistics to consider while you are evaluating the choice.


  • Do you genuinely check your home when you go out, even for a short time? Think about that around 30 percent of all thefts are through an opened window or door. This detail may shock you, yet taking an additional couple of minutes to secure your home could spare you a great deal of loss.


  • Despite the general idea, most robberies happen during sunshine hours from 10 am to 3 pm. This implies your house is a practical objective while the children are at school and you are at work. Since you are not there to look out for your valuable home, consider introducing a home security system with monitoring.


  • Most of the break-ins are finished by robbers who live adjacent. Often a robber lives two miles from your home. That implies that thieves are close enough to get familiar with your living examples, so consider a home alarm system that influences it to create the impression that you are home during the mentioned peak break-in hours.


  • Criminals keep away from homes with alarm systems. The main obstruction for criminals is the information that an alert system is furnished and utilized consistently.


  • Crooks are quick and brilliant. Criminals can generally get into your home in less than ten minutes. This implies after checking doors and windows; most thieves can get into a non-alarmed house quickly.

Call Perfect Home Defense if you have any inquiries concerning which alert system is perfect for your home or business.

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