Siblings Charged For Breaking-in and Beating Homeowner

Siblings Charged For Breaking-in and Beating Homeowner in Ohio

Ohio homeowner beaten badly by a group of three who invaded his home for money

Three siblings entered a Radcliff home this Sunday and beaten the residents for money.

Police say the suspects are from Louisville and police is searching for them.

According to details, Bethany Dunn, 30 and Raymond Dunn, 28 are charged with two serious crimes: fourth-degree assault and first-degree burglary.

They also had a companion who fled from the crime scene, informs police. His details are not yet confirmed.

The group of three entered a home without permission. Raymond and his other partner then held the homeowner and began to beat him badly.

The victim has scratches and swelling on his back and face. Police is still searching for Dunn’s third partner in crime. Read full report for more details.

How to Stay Safe at Home

Home invasion, burglary and assaults have become common nowadays. Anyone can enter your home and destroy your peace of mind if you are not well prepared about it. There is a home invasion every 13 seconds, according to FBI.

Follow these tips to stay safe and secure at your home:

1. Install a Home Security System

Traditional methods to secure your home are not as effective as modern home security systems are. A home security alarm system is monitored by professionals 24/7 and help to secure your home. They respond to any emergency within seconds and call local first responders in your vicinity. The equipment that comes with home alarm system is based on innovative and modern technology which triggers the alarm if any suspicious or unwanted activity takes place.

2. Integrate Smart Door Lock

Police recommends to keep your home doors secure. They are the entry points of a home. Secure them with keyless entry locks.

Smart door locks are considered more secure and need no key to enter. A door secured with a smart door lock is hard to break. You need a specific code to open it. Incorrect code entries for more than three times can trigger the home alarm system and will send you notification on your smartphone as well.

3. Control Your Home With a Smartphone

Did you know anytime you need to arm or disarm your home security alarm system, you can use your smartphone? You can even turn off your lights, lock your entry doors, and switch on/off your home appliances etc. And if you want to check who is at your doorstep, you can simply use your cellphone. This can be highly beneficial to keep you safe from criminals. Contact us for more details.

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