Smart Home Security and Solar Power

Smart Home Security and Solar Power – A Golden Combination

“Home is where your heart is!” This is not just a famous phrase, but a key component of our psychological and behavioral makeup. Amidst the struggles of everyday life, there is one constant that all of us wait for through the entire day and that is to return home, freshen up, turn on our favorite channel, grab a few snacks and wrap ourselves into the comfortable and peaceful ambience of our home along with the loved ones whilst completely doing away with all the worries of the world. This is true in the case of every single every single person on the planet because at the end of the day, we’re all human beings, we all need a safe place, and that is exactly what a home is supposed to be.

The fact that our homes have so much peace and compassion for us and our families, it is only fair that we value our homes and give the same amount of care and respect back. It may sound nonsensical since a home “doesn’t have feelings”, but in the modern world of fast moving technology, it can actually be done quite easily.

“How so?” you ask? By making it as smart and as desirable as possible. The governments all around the world, especially in the United States, are urging people to do two things, namely, opting for smart home security and/or opting for solar power. Opting for either one is likely to do wonders for the home in more ways than one, but opting for both at the same time, would make a golden combination that would pay huge dividends. If you do both, not only your home, but also the dwellers of that home can live their lives safe, sound and free of worry. Here’s how you can drastically enhance both the intrinsic and non-intrinsic value of your home by for solar power and smart home security:

Home Security & Automation

The rise in domestic crimes such as burglary, breaking and entering, home invasion etc. is a result of panic and mortal fear in the neighborhoods in all of the United States. With the ongoing security concerns, it has become a necessity for  homeowners to ensure the safety of their family as well as their beloved abode. That being said, opting for a smart home security and automation setup would be a wise decision in order to guarantee the safety and security of your loved ones as well as your safe haven. Here are some of the most crucial home security and automation components that can safeguard your home and your family from all threats and perils: 

  • Home Security: It is wise for all homeowners to have an alarm system on board so as to remain aware of all activities at and around your home, whether you are present within your home or away on some account. Here are some components can enable you remain aware of the activities in and around your home:
    • Wireless Panic Button – Informs the home dwellers in case one of them is in any kind of trouble.
    • Smoke Detectors – Alerts the home dwellers in case of a fire inside the house.
    • CO Detectors – Informs the home dwellers in case of Carbon Monoxide traces being detected inside the house.
    • Firefighter Alarm – Sends distress signal to the nearest fire department in case of a house fire.
    • Surveillance Cameras – Enables you to monitor your home through live video feed that is sent to your smart device.
    • Door Sensors – A wireless detector used to inform the dwellers in case a door opens.
    • Motion Detectors – Alerts the home dwellers in case of a suspicious movement within the premises.
    • Image Sensors – Configured with the motion sensors, image sensors can capture the still-shots of a suspicious moving object or person.
    • Glass Break Sensors – Alerts the home dwellers if the window glass cracks or breaks completely.
    • Doorbell Camera – Provides a live video footage of the activity in front of the main entrance door.
  • Home Automation: The arrival of home automation systems have been a revolutionary development with reference to offering comfort and convenience to the home dwellers. Just like the equipment mentioned above, you can relax and let your home automation system do the job of keeping you comfortable and safe. Here are the home automation components that can make your life much more simple and carefree:
    • Smart Door Lock – A password protected door lock that will set off an alarm in case of a suspected intrusion.
    • Smart Bulbs – Wireless LED light-bulbs operated through a mobile app.
    • Smart Plugs – A wireless plug that automatically switches the lamps on and off during a specific time of the day.
    • Smart Thermostat – A wireless device that can allow you to control the temperature of your home through your smart device.
    • Keychain Remote – Allows you to carry out a host of functions such as locking and unlocking your home, controlling the thermostat and arm or disarm your alarm with a hundred yard range with a push of a button.

Solar Panel Installation

The matter of indisputable fact is that solar power is the future of energy generation. For that reason, it is essential for homeowners to have their home a smart and futuristic home by opting for solar energy as the main power source for a sustainable and carefree future. Here are the key reasons why everyone should opt for solar:

  • Economic Benefits – Normalizing the solar energy system installation on a residential and commercial scale can be of great benefit for homeowners. Solar energy not only reduces utility bills of a household by a significant margin, but also, with net metering, homeowners are only liable to pay for the excess amount of electricity used. This means that if they produce excess amounts of electricity instead of consuming, they shall be incentivised by the government, both literally and figuratively, against the surplus energy that is transferred to the grid from their system. To add to the already amazing deal, the government is also offering a 26% tax credit upon purchase of solar system installation to encourage homeowners to go solar before the end of 2021.
  • Environmental Benefits – Although the increase in the prices of conventional energy sources is a matter of concern, there is an incredibly simple solution to this concern. Care to venture a guess as to what the solution is? Going solar of course. By making the intelligent choice, not only will you be able to preserve the conventional source of energy, but also enable the recuperation of the environment from the wounds inflicted on it by the poisonous greenhouse gases and global warming.

An argument could be made that opting for both, home security and solar at the same time can be an extremely costly affair. The argument is valid, but do bear in mind that opting for smart home security not only protects you from countless perils, but can also drive up the value of your home manifolds. Combine that with the incentive offered to you as a solar power user, and you’ve got yourself a gold mine.

Incorporating both solar energy and home security and automation can enable you to achieve 10 times the original value of your home, along with offering you benefits such as low electricity bills and around the clock security.

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