Smart Home Security: Remaining Carefree While Away From Home

Smart Home Security: Remaining Carefree While Away From Home

We all have to travel long distances every once in a while, be it because of work or for recreation. And amidst that journey, all of our attention should be devoted to the order of business that a person is travelling to attend to. However, unfortunately, with the prevalent concerns for home security among all homeowners all across the states, the attention often remains divided. In some cases, the security concerns completely throw a wrench into the travel plans due to the fact that the home cannot be left unmonitored for a longer period of time due to a number of reasons.

In the modern age of smart technology, these problems are can most certainly be addressed. With the latest smart home security equipment, you can be hundreds of miles away from your home and still be able to stay notified or even watch the activities at your house in real time. The following are a few of the of the smart home security devices that you can install and throw all your home safety concerns out the window while being away from home:


  • Surveillance Cameras – What every homeowner should consider doing right off the bat, is to install both indoor and outdoor security cameras. Cameras are the most essential devices when it comes to home protection as they not only monitor the premises, but also serve as a deterrent against any potential threats such as burglars and home invaders. Furthermore, homeowners can monitor their homes through a live video feed coming to their smartphone home security application.
  • Doorbell Camera – It’s quite fair to say that the Doorbell Cameras have been a revolutionary step-forward in the home security industry. Whether you’re at home or away from home, the doorbell camera can provide you a live video feed to your smartphone app, of the person knocking at your door or any other ongoing activity outside your entrance way.
  • Door Sensors – Door sensors lets you know every time someone comes through the entrance of your house. The way it works is that during the after-hours or when a homeowner is away, the door sensor alarm can be armed. In which case, if an intruder or an unannounced guest walks through the door, the alarm goes off. In case of a non-threatening situation, upon entering a password into the smart home security mainframe integrated into the mobile app within 24 seconds, the alarm can be disarmed.
  • Motion Sensor – Motion sensors do a fantastic job of providing fool-proof home security even in case of no sound or minimal vibration signals. The motion sensors can pick up heat signals and are smart enough to identify the difference between a human body temperature and animal body temperature, which implies that they are pet friendly. However, incase of a suspicious signal, the motion sensor sets of the security alarm. Couple with the Image Sensors, motion sensors can also capture the image of the moving object and send it to the smartphone.
  • Glass Break Sensor – As the name suggests, the glass break sensor is attached to the window panes in the house. When armed, glass break sensor sets off the alarm if a window glass cracks or breaks completely.
  • Smoke Detector + Firefighter – We all know how a smoke detector works and its application, however, coupled with the Firefighter, it becomes a completely different device. Firefighter is basically a device integrated within the smoke detector that not only sets off the alarm, but also sends distress signals to the nearest fire department so that they can arrive at the scene in favorable time.

The aforementioned devices are not only instrumental in making sure that the home stays secure in the presence of the home dwellers, but also in their absence. With these home security devices, you can make your travels free of worry no matter how far you are from your home.

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