Shooting in Atlanta

News Alert: Atlanta Street Brawl Kills 1 and Injures 2

Georgia – At least 3 men are shot dead in Atlanta, GA on July, 14th 2018.

The violent incident took place in Elizabeth Avenue, block 1200 late at night.

Police informs one of the victims was announced dead on spot; while, other two were severely injured. The wounded victims were taken to the nearest hospital.

Police is investigating the cause of shooting and has requested public to help solve the case. Read full.

3 Ways to Keep Your Family Safe from Criminals

We all know that criminals are dangerous. In Georgia, 1 in 33 victims might be a property crime victim; while 1 in 39 residents are at high risk of being violently attacked. To keep your loved ones and family safe from criminals, follow these 3 simple tips:

1. Install Home Security Cameras

Installing a home security camera at your home is one of the best ways to deter criminals from your territory. Did you know 9 in 10 convicts agreed they try to avoid homes that are well equipped with indoor and outdoor security cameras?

Install security cameras at different places. It includes your front door, rear door, near the garage, in drawing room, dining room and terrace etc.

2. Order a Home Security System

Ordering a home security system can help you stay safe at home. A wireless home security system offers round the clock monitoring services for your family. The home security equipment can actively watch over your home. It turns on the intruder alarm as soon as there is a mysterious activity. With modern Crash and Smash technology, home security system keeps working even if central control penal fails.

3. Be Prepared

Always be prepared. Keep your doors and windows shut. Never allow strangers to enter your home. Get your elderly and children wearable medical alert buttons (panic buttons) so that they can get immediate help before it is too late.

For complete guideline on safety and home security, call us today.

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