Students & Locals Nervous after Peeping & Burglary Reports, NCSU

Raleigh, North Carolina – People living near North Carolina State University are concerned about reports of a peeper and burglar around them.

According to the details, a man attempted to break into a bedroom through a window of a Deep Hollow Drive home on August 6. Homeowners, found a ladder against their wall, later. After some days, the suspect was spotted twice near a Jackson Street house. Residents noticed later that their window screen was damaged.

Friday night, in a Clark Avenue home, homeowners informed police that a man tried to open their door. And the next day, another Clark Avenue house was attempted to be broken into through the rear door, police say.

These incidents have made NCSU students nervous. They say they feel insecure coming back home alone at night.

Police are unable to say whether all the 7 incidents happened since August 6 were related. They have advised students and homeowners to be more careful.

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Staying Safe in North Carolina

Better safe than sorry, here are some of the crime prevention tips for everyone to follow:

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  • Make sure all the windows are protected.
  • Don’t let anyone in you don’t know well.
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