Arrested Burglars Use Social Media to Rob Rihanna

Checklist of Celebrity Homes ‘to be Robbed’ found in Stolen Items

Los Angeles, CA – The police have booked four burglars who broke into Los Angeles homes of the two celebrities, Rihanna and Yasiel Puig.

Hollywood Stars Who Have Got Robbed

5 Hollywood Stars Who Were Robbed in Their Own Homes

Home invasion burglaries can occur anytime. Anyone can be a victim, from common citizens to famous celebrities. A huge number of Hollywood superstars have had their homes broken into.

Pop Star Rihanna Got Burglarized Again

Why Pop Star Rihanna Got Burglarized Again in the Same Year?

California – Intruders entered Rihanna’s Hollywood Hill home on Tuesday night. It is a repeated burglary attempt at the pop superstar’s home.