Does Security Camera Really Scares Off Burglars

Eyes On The City: Does Security Camera Really Scares Off Burglars

Burglary attempts happen a lot – in the US every 13 seconds, probably because there aren’t as easy as the others. Either way, it’s quite apparent why surveillance cameras…

Violent Florida Home Invasion

Security Camera Records Ruthless Home Intrusion due to Unlocked Doors in FL

Florida – Modern security camera recorded a brutal home invasion in Florida, police say. It happened in Pembroke Pines where two homeowners were assaulted.

Ohio Police

News Alert: Vacant Home Used by Criminals to Dump Dead Bodies, OH

Ohio – Police has found an unconscious man and a dead woman near a vacant Middletown house this Saturday morning.

Stand Your Ground Protest Florida

Watch: Protests Against “Stand Your Ground” Law in Florida

Florida – A heated argument over parking space led to shooting near Clearwater, FL. People around the country are raising questions to Florida’s “Stand your ground” law …