Gun Fire

Texas Crime: Mysterious Killer Shoots Girl Through her Window

TEXAS – Strange gunshot hits a girl through her window. Police say there is a lot to investigate about it.

Recently, police responded to an emergency call from Martin Street at 9 p.m.

An unknown shooter shot a teenager through her room window. Cause of the shooting is not known.

The 17-year-old girl was hit in her face and was taken to emergency immediately. Hospital authorities informed that her life is out of danger now.

Investigators are looking into the matter as many things have been unclear about this home shooting. For more details, read more.

3 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe from Accidents

Home safety and security is essential for everyone. Uncertainty and violence has increased in many areas of the country.

To prevent yourself and your family against home accidents and other crimes like home invasion, murder, robbery and burglary, follow these tips:

1. Purchase Window Glassbreak Sensors

24% criminals target open windows. Keep them locked when you go away. Keep them secure when you are home. Window glassbreak sensors help keep your windows secure. With high sensitivity, the glassbreak sensors detect frequency of glass breakage and trigger the intruder alarm for timely help.

2. Get Door and Window Detectors

Lock your doors and close all your windows. Door sensors help keep you safe against accidents. Door and window detectors are small devices that monitor each entry/exit points and contact the monitoring team in case of an emergency.

3. Pick the Best Home Security System

You are 3x more secure if you have an alarm system in place. Pick the best home security system for your home and property. The right home security alarm system offers 24/7 home safety in a budget. With the help of latest technology, alarm equipment secures each entry and exit of your home. Purchase wireless home security systems because they are considered the best. You can customize your package according to your home requirements.

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