The Common Mistakes to Avoid While Buying Modern Security Cameras

The Common Mistakes to Avoid While Buying Modern Security Cameras

According to reports, 11 in 12 convicted criminals agree that they avoid homes equipped with security cameras. Not only they allow you to stay protected but also help you keep a check on your home and property, remotely. Before we guide you about the mistakes, let us read about some of the major benefits modern security cameras can offer us:

Benefits of Latest Security Cameras

Security cameras provide home protection. Modern surveillance cameras are more advanced and have more features than we know. Here are some of the major advantages of modern cameras:

  • Motion detection enabled: New home security cameras are motion triggered. In simple words, they are sensitive to motion and begin to record a scene, when there is a motion in front of it.
  • HD Images and Videos: Conventional security cameras could capture images and record videos but they could not offer them in high quality. Today, the security cameras have better results due to high quality images and video streaming.
  • Real-time Monitoring: You can enjoy real-time monitoring benefits from latest home security cameras. You can also store unlimited videos and images on the cloud server for the record.
  • Live Alerts: Any minute there is a motion detected, you would get an alert on your smartphone. You would also be able to stream the video remotely on your smartphone.
  • Night Vision: Cameras are to no use if they can’t offer clear images in darkness, right? Novel technology in modern security cameras offer night vision feature to ensure image quality even in darkness and low light conditions.

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing a Security Camera

Buyers should keep in mind they select from an authentic source. Make sure of the technology and inquire about price ranges. Here are the commonest mistakes you should not make while selecting your security camera system:

  1. Should be Integrate-able with Your Home Security System

    It is always better to purchase a security package that includes modern security cameras. This way you can save money as well as get the best security service. Certified consultants offer free installation services with the package. The biggest benefit in this is – many alarm companies offer free equipment. Their professional consultants survey your home and install the security cameras at the best possible strategic position (using their experience and technical knowledge).

    However, if you are still purchasing your security camera separately, make sure it can be integrated with your home security system.

  2. Neglecting Motion Detection in Cameras

    Conventional CCTV cameras had a huge issue – they had to be monitored round the clock by a person, to identify any theft, burglary or any other security breach. Modern security cameras come with motion detection which makes them detect motion themselves. They record the video in case a suspicious movement is detected.

  3. No Smartphone Access Feature

    Ensure you buy a security camera with new smartphone access feature. With this, you can get live video alerts and notifications on your smartphone for your security.

  4. Ignoring the Night Vision

    Never ignore the night vision feature. Most criminals take advantage of the night/darkness and this feature actually help to book them into jail as the night vision is always watching.

  5. Going for Price not Quality

    Never mind high price if high quality is offered to you. Keep the goal in mind that you need home and life security, to live with a peace of mind.

  6. Not Enquiring about the Resolution

    Before making any decision, make sure you ask about the resolution and quality of the security camera. Low resolution cameras are not worth-buying at all.

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