Crime Rates in Georgia

The Most Dangerous Cities In Georgia 2019

When you think about which place is ideal for living, what are the factors that come to your mind in terms of selecting the place? Do you want to live in a metropolitan area or you want to live near the ocean? Or do you prefer the view of the mountain?

Do you prefer living in a house or an apartment? Maybe you need a big place for your dog to run around or maybe you want an urban rooftop garden.

No matter what you select, when you choose a place to live there are certain factors that you have to think about before they put a serious impact on your life. One of those factors is the safety feedback of where you live.

When you go to bed at night, you want to have a secure feeling before falling asleep. You don’t want to continuously worry about whether the doors are locked or the windows are open.

Nonetheless, how do you figure out that a place is safe for living? If you are moving to Georgia, it has a good reputation for some places and for some places, it’s unsafe.

Georgia is a beautiful city, with historical towns and beautiful beaches. But there are some cities there which are not as beautiful as they could have been.

So which cities are these? Lucky for you, Perfect Home Defense has assembled a list of those cities.

Here are the 10 most dangerous cities in Georgia for 2019:

  1. East Point
  2. Union City
  3. College Park
  4. Tifton
  5. Hapeville
  6. Eastman
  7. Albany
  8. Griffin
  9. Douglasville
  10. Adel

We analyzed around 107 cities in Georgia and the most recent FBI crime data determines that these cities are the most dangerous in the state. The winner is East Point, it’s ranked as one of the most dangerous cities in Georgia 2019.

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