The National Fire Prevention Week 2018

Things to Do This National Fire Prevention Week

More than a million home fires were reported in 2016. These fires killed more than 2,900 people and injured above 12,770. Majority of fires spread due to the absence of a working smoke detector.

The Great Chicago Fire occurred in 1871 killing more than 300 people. The fire burned 2,112 acres of land, leaving about 100,000 natives homeless. The National Fire Prevention Week is observed each year in the commemoration of that Illinois Fire.

The week is observed to highlight the importance of the prevention of house fires.

The National Fire Prevention Week 2018 started last Sunday. Here are the things to remind each other throughout the week to ensure no home destroys by a fire again:

Get Smoke Alarms

The National Fire Protection Association statistics show 3 in 5 fires spread in the absence of a working smoke sensor. Ensure your house is equipped with modern smoke detectors for protection. The smoke alarms monitor heat/smoke and fire in the area they are fixed in. The alarms trigger as soon as a threat is detected.

Integrate your modern smoke detectors with the home automation alarm system for getting immediate help during an emergency. The modern home monitoring system integrates different home safety devices to provide quick help for emergency management. The monitoring professionals offer these services round the clock even if you are sleeping, away from home or not available.

Get Fire Safety Equipment Absolutely Free


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Be mindful of the places where fire can ignite in your house. For instance, in the kitchen, rooms with heaters/fireplaces, backyard if there is a gas/electric grill placed. Keep your children and pets away from these places or supervise them when they are around. When installing a smoke alarm near these places, make sure the detector is at least 10 feet away. This would help ensure you don’t get false alarms.


Make sure you are able to listen to the triggering smoke alarm. For this, increase the range of your smoke alarms by connecting them with the firefighter sensors. Go for modern smoke sensors that come with home monitoring systems. The home automation alarm systems offer smoke alarms that send smartphone alerts to the homeowners in case of emergencies. This can help save many lives.

Plan Out

Make and share a home emergency evacuation plan. You should be able to know what to do during a home emergency. Share this plan with your children and senior family members as well.

Try to remain calm during such a situation. Buy personal panic buttons for your family members. The panic buttons would help reduce panic and get them instant medical help when required. You can also use the panic button from your home security keychain fob.

Use Home Automation Alarm Systems

Spread the message in and around your community to buy the best home automation alarm systems for their safety. Modern home security systems offer different types of devices to prevent you from different types of home emergencies including fire, CO intoxication, medical emergencies and more.

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