National Friendship Day

5 Things to Do this National Friendship Day

According to US professional boxer Muhammad Ali, “Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It’s not something you learn in school. But if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything.”

Friendship is indeed a beautiful relationship. Your social circle increases if you have many friends. You don’t feel lonely and if your friends are true to you, life becomes easier. It is because you have someone to rely on at the hour of need. A true friend helps to make the society a better place to live at. Being aware about the importance of friendship, the UN declared “National Friendship Day” in the country.

National Friendship Day is a reminder to show our love and respect to our friends. A true friend does not want anything from you. Friendship is a selfless relationship. However, it is your responsibility to ensure your friends’ safety, stability and security.

Here are some of the things to do this National Friendship Day:

  1. Honor Your Friends

    Initially, Friendship Day was introduced by card companies. People buy friendship cards for their friends and enjoy the day. UN announced this day to learn how to honor your friends, respect them and increase awareness about true friendship.

    If you haven’t thanked your friend ever for being there with you, it is high time to do this. Show your love for them and try to bring a smile on their face today.

  2. Ensure They are Safe

    One way to honor and show your care for your friends is to ensure that they are safe at their homes particularly, if they are casual about it. There are people who show careless attitude toward themselves. Make them realize their safety comes first. One of the solutions to this is to give them safety devices. Advise them to use a firefighter sensor at their home to rule out home fire risks. Give them a door sensor option, in case if a friend always forgets to lock his/her doors. You can also talk into them to wear a panic button to get instant help at home during any kind of emergency.

  3. Plan a Trip

    Plan a trip with them to explore their favorite place. Order their favorite food and drink to make their day. You can also plan a surprise trip for them. Go to safer places in your area to celebrate your happy moments.

  4. Throw a Party

    If you are planning to throw a party at home with your friends and family, make sure to select the theme color your best friend likes. Place a home security camera system at your home for ensuring protection of your guests. Ensure you have complete home security equipment installed at your home for any emergency situation, including smoke detectors, door sensors and glass break sensors.

  5. Send a Gift

    Giving presents increase love and respect. Get your friends some gift items to show your care for them. Give something different and useful. For instance, offer a panic button (particularly, if your friend is old and suffers from phobias or has a chronic illness). You can also suggest them to purchase a best home security system for their home protection.

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