Keep Your Family and Home Safe from Natural Disasters

11 Tips to Keep Your Family and Home Safe from Natural Disasters

Keep your family and home protected during catastrophic situations with these emergency preparedness tips

When it comes to home security, we usually think about protecting our families and homes from incidents such as a robbery, larceny, break-in or theft etc. But have you ever wondered that you’ve been ignoring emergency situations caused by bad weather, environment or nature. What if you experience deadly winds or your local government announces a flood warning in your area?

The worst thing about a natural disaster is that it is hard to run way from. Flat regions are vulnerable to tornadoes, coastal regions are favorite spots for hurricanes and floods. But this does not mean other areas are safe from all these events, weather is changing due to global warming and other environmental factors.

No matter where we live, we all need to take precautionary measures to keep our home and family well protected during a natural disaster. Here are some of the safety tips that you should keep in mind.

Flood Safety Tips

Did you know only two feet water can drown your vehicle in flood, even if it is a SUV or a pickup truck?

There are many factors that can cause flooding and people who live closer to dams, streams and rivers have higher risk to experience it. Similarly, states and cities that are located below the sea level like New Orleans also have elevated risks of floods than others. Residents of areas more vulnerable to flooding should take precautionary measures to reduce the damage.

  • While making a property purchase, research about the area. If it is on a floodplain then you surely need to think about it, twice.
  • Living in a high-risk zone is not easy, try to settle on the upper portion of a building. Place your furnace and hot air heater at a secure position.
  • Keep a life alert panic button with you for emergency. It is a portable device that can help to keep you safe and connected with others for help during emergencies.
  • Driving or walking in flood can be extremely dangerous. Try to remain on a higher ground level.
  • Get an alarm system and recommend others to buy home security systems too, make sure you have your equipment with long lasting batteries life. If any needs a replacement, get it done before there’s any harm caused. A wireless home security system functions even if there is no power because all the equipment has built-in batteries with backup life of up to 5 years. And the main control panel gives almost a 72 hours back-up as well.

Hurricane Safety Tips

Hurricanes require hot water to last. This is why Atlantic coast is more prone to hurricanes. Know the elevation level of your home or property to determine if it is at risk or not. Take help from your housing authority or insurance company if needed.

Some tips that could help you secure your home from a hurricane are:

  • Install storm shutters on all your windows.
  • Stay inside and do not leave anything outside your home from lawn chairs to mowers. Keep everything safe outside.
  • Never leave your garage doors open. Reinforce and ensure they are locked well. You can use smart door locks for this. Secure all other entry and exit doors as well.
  • Make your roof hurricane proof
  • Do not leave any loose nails in the shingle and cement the shingles to ensure they are secure.
  • Unplug all small home appliances. Use home devices only when necessary.

And most important of all, stay safe!

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