Tips to Prevent Christmas Burglaries

Tips to Prevent Christmas Burglaries This Holiday Season

Christmas is the best time of the year. It brings smile to everyone’s face. While kids feel excited about gifts and Santa Clause, adults love to arrange meetups and trips and do a lot of shopping for the family. Many families reunite during the holiday season to enjoy together. Unfortunately, statistics also show that burglaries and robberies also increase during the Christmas Holiday Season. It is because most burglars know that residents are busy shopping, going out with family or enjoying their time with friends. Moreover, chances of stealing new gifts and cash also rise.

According to the FBI, more than 400,000 home invasion burglaries take place during the Christmas Season. Are you doing something to prevent these attacks?

Tips to Deter Burglars This Christmas Season

Following these tips will help you stay protected at home:

Keep the Plans Private

Keep your holiday plans private. 78 percent of thieves are using social media nowadays to find their targets. Don’t share your Christmas shopping, trip or party pictures/videos on any social media sites with unknown friends. If you really want to share your happy moments, send the pictures and videos in private. Block any unknown person you think is stalking you for no reason.

Don’t Show the Gifts

While it looks amazing that all the Santa Claus presents would lay beside the Christmas tree near the window and the tree would be lit up at night. But this can prove to be harmful too. Any person could see the gifts and all your shopping and can come inside to steal one or two of them. Why risk your room, install the latest motion detectors to detect any suspicious motion inside the room.

Don’t Run Christmas Lights Through a Door/Window

A little opening left in the window or door is enough to give an intruder a chance. Make sure not to do this. Use smart LED lights and bulbs. The benefit is smart bulbs can be controlled from your smartphone. So home control becomes easier.

Be Careful About Door-to-Door Campaigners

During the holiday season, Christmas donation seekers and Christmas carolers move door-to-door to seek some money. Some of them might be genuine but scammers are also using this tactic to manipulate you. Be ready for more door knocks than usual. To handle this situation, get a video doorbell camera. This type of HD camera helps the homeowners to answer any door call through their smartphone. Simple?

Compare the Best Home Security Systems in Georgia

Police recommends everyone to install an alarm system. This is time when you can grab the best deal to protect your house completely. Many home security systems in Georgia are offering Christmas and Holiday Season Packages. Look for a two-way voice and 5 Diamond Certified company for best results. It can help protect you against all types of home invasions and other crimes. Don’t worry about false alarms and crash and smash burglaries, best home monitoring systems offer zero false alarms and zero crash and smash burglaries.

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