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News Alert: Vacant Home Used by Criminals to Dump Dead Bodies, OH

Ohio – Police has found an unconscious man and a dead woman near a vacant Middletown house this Saturday morning.

The vacant building is located about 40 miles away from Cincinnati. Police thinks the couple may have been transported intentionally to the unoccupied building and they might have been overdosed by someone first.

An autopsy is planned for today. Police is looking for the suspects. They are also finding relatives of the dead bodies.

The woman seems to be in her 20s but her name and identity is still a question. Read full report for more details:

3 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe and Secure Against Criminals

In Ohio, 1 in 39 residents are at high risks of being a property crime victim, according to Neighborhood Scout. There is a property crime every thirteen seconds in US. In 2016 alone, 1,515,096 break-ins were reported across the country. This is quite a number and if you want to prevent yourself against such crimes, follow these 3 simple tips:

1. Use Home Security Camera Systems

To prevent a property crime of any kind, place home security camera systems around your house. Police says that home security camera systems play a vital role to book criminals into jail. With the help of latest indoor and outdoor security cameras, you can watch over your property and home even from a distance. No matter if you live in your house or keep it vacant, you can guard it with a security camera systems.

2. Add a Keyless Entry Door Lock

9 in 10 intruders try to enter your home through the front or back door. These are the most vulnerable areas of your home. Security of your doors should be your first priority. To make it sure add a keyless entry door lock at your entry and rear doors. You can control these door locks using smartphone. With a keyless entry door lock, you don’t need to keep keys. Just punch unique entry codes in to enter your home.

3. Get Wireless Home Security System for Your Homes

Nine in ten criminals agree that they try to avoid territories that have active home security systems in place, informs police. A team of professional monitoring agents monitor your home by covering your surroundings as well. They ensure your security 24/7 even if you are not home.

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