Georgia Wanted

Wanted: Vicious killer on the run after shooting innocents near Waffle House, Georgia

Brookhaven police were called by strangers around 3 pm reporting the shooting of two people. Police issued an arrest warrant for 34 years-old Pierre Singletary. The known suspect is 5 feet, 6 inches tall black man weighing 170 pounds.

Two individuals were shot and taken to a local hospital where one was announced as dead and other is in critical condition.  The shooting happened at an apartment not far from waffle house. According to a report issued by SWAT Team after investigation, the incident happened inside the apartment and flash-bang grenades were used to make the entry.

How to avoid incidents of violence:

We strongly condemn the victim’s family and their loss but all we have to do is to learn from the unkind incident that happened near waffle house. Let us describe a few possibilities of how can one save himself from such a dramatic incident.

  1. Install outdoor home security cameras that focus on the entry and exit of your home. We provide motion-triggered security cameras that alert you and monitoring station when it detects any suspicious motion outside your home in 75 ft range.
  2. In this era of violence, safety of home and family is a must action to do. As an caring member of the family you need to mount a smart Image sensor that detects any suspicious motion and capture the activity to alert you and the monitoring station. It is a pet-immune image sensor, that’s why it won’t cause any false alarm.
  3. Make sure that you are prepared for any emergency situation. Buy yourself a personal panic button available in decent wearable designs. Through the our medical alert button you can notify your emergency responder or the monitoring station by one push of a button so that you should not wait for someone to call 911 when you are hurt or bleeding badly.

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