6 Reasons You Should Have Security Cameras Installed

Having a comprehensive video surveillance system is a must for homes and properties nowadays. 3 in 5 convicted criminals admitted they avoid places where security cameras are installed, according to police. While business owners already use security cameras for their safety, homeowners are also placing security cameras inside and around their homes for maximum protection. Once considered a luxury, modern video surveillance systems are not only affordable now, but easy-to-use and simple to install at home as well.

Here is a list of reasons why everyone should have security cameras installed at their homes:

1. Scare Away Criminals

Even having an outdoor home security camera mounted outside your home can scare away criminals and all the bad guys. Convicted criminals agree that they avoid homes where security cameras are mounted. However, it is highly dangerous to rely on dummy cameras. Professional intruders can spot them from a distance, so they can’t serve the purpose well.

2. A Powerful Layer of Defense

Installing video surveillance systems around your residence adds a solid layer of defense for your protection. Knowing that your camera is monitoring each moment for you gives peace of mind. You can sleep well and travel without stress if you know your house is on guard.

3. Check On Your Kids and Family

Most of the times parents complain that they want to keep a check on their kids but can’t find time for it. Work, groceries, travel and household chores seldom allow them to give time to their children. Indoor home security cameras resolve this problem for them. Parents and homeowners can certainly keep a check on their kids and on other family members as well through live video surveillance feature, right from their mobile phone. So they can peek in at any time on any part of their home.

4. Active Video Surveillance System

Video surveillance features that come in modern home security systems is extremely efficient. In case of an emergency, your video surveillance camera starts sending you live notifications of that activity. This increases chances of survival from any incident and can help decrease your loss risks. For instance, you find a notification on your smartphone about a burglary at home. Checking it in time would allow you to spot the burglars by calling the police before it is too late.

5. Book Criminals in Jail

Did you know modern video surveillance cameras are playing a vital role in helping police to book the culprits in jail? Burglary, home invasion and robbery has become difficult because of security cameras. Video cameras store visual information about criminals and this information proves to be extremely beneficial during police investigations.

6. Increase Accountability of Your Housekeeping Staff

It was not possible to check in on your housekeeping staff, caregivers or babysitters before. You could not make your repairman work properly while sitting at your workplace. But it is not a problem now. You can keep an eye on your housekeeping staff at home through your home security camera and increase their work efficiency.

Invest in a smart home security system today. If you need more details about it, feel free to contact us.

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