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Why Home Security is Important on Black Friday

The year’s favorite shopping season is here. What you need to know this Black Friday is the season brings a few security and safety risks for all. Shoppers should be extremely careful while leaving their homes alone for the Black Friday shopping.

Not long ago, more than 8 California homes (in an area) were invaded on the Black Friday night as the families were out for shopping. Identity thefts, online deliveries, scamming incidents also increase during this season.

And last year, two women met at a toys shop in the US on Black Friday. After a heated argument, their men opened fire at each other in the retailor store, scaring away everyone, witnesses reported. And there are many other reports indicating how important is your safety in the market as well as in your house. So, be very careful when you go out for shopping on this day.

Crowd Crush Injuries & Pepper Spray Incidents

People came in shopping lots to wait for the opening of stores in early morning hours. As the time approaches, crowds push each other to reach the store first. This can be dangerous to pregnant women, children and seniors.  Try to keep calm during the rush hours and don’t panic. Maintain your balance to avoid falls and slips.

Some women can use pepper spray to make their way out of the crowd. If someone sprays you, don’t rub the affected area. If you are using contact lens, instantly remove them.

Online Shopping

To avoid stampede and get your favorite package at your doorstep, many shoppers choose to order online. While this is the most convenient way to shop, this can also be a scam. According to the estimates, 40 percent of the e-shoppers report an online shopping fraud annually. Surprisingly, this rate increases during the Black Friday season. Be careful, shop from the authentic online sources only.

Packages Delivery Safety

Make sure your packages are delivered safely. 27 percent of all packages that are delivered to the homeowners get stolen. Make sure you are at home when your package is going to be delivered or install a video doorbell camera to keep a track record of the package (and delivery driver) at your doorstep.

Home Invasion when you are out

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Burglary rate increases in the holiday season. Criminals take advantage of this time. To avoid such an incident, keep your doors locked, windows shut and make sure your house appears occupied. Use smart lights and smart plugs to control these devices on the go and give impression to others that you are in your house. Fix mobile video security cameras in and around your house for real-time video surveillance.

Before you go out, make sure you install the best home automation alarm system to prevent home invasions and other home accidents. When your house is armed, home defense devices (including door sensors, motion detectors and smart door locks) trigger the alarm system in case of an emergency. And the monitoring team can dispatch emergency help instantly to deal with the issue.

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