Indoor Home Security Cameras

Benefits of Indoor Home Security Cameras

According to the Police Department, crime is on a rise and it causes a lot of loss to property, people and their belongings. Police responds to a property crime almost every 13 seconds, according to FBI.

To be safe and protected in today’s world, one needs to be more alert. Being more active and watchful means more protection and security of your home, family and loved ones. Being less watchful increases risks of being a victim to theft, violence and many other crimes.

Be it your home, property or business – staying alert is synonym to your protection. To ensure this, many home security equipment are available nowadays. One example is the indoor security camera. Here are some of the benefits of an indoor video surveillance camera:

1. Keep An Eye

For police and residents, indoor cameras serve as their eyes and ears. You must have heard many breaking news about “Caught on Camera“. Fact is, installing indoor cameras at home, workplace and business place helps you keep an eye on every activity that takes place within the camera view. Indoor cameras help monitor and keep the place securer. Moreover, you can also monitor from your proactive indoor camera anywhere around the world remotely from your smartphone device.

2. Greater Control

There are many types and varieties of indoor cameras available in the market. They offer you greater control over your home. Your kitchen, play room, living area, terrace, stairways and store room can all have indoor cameras installed. So, you can protect all these places all by yourself without issue.

3. Traveling becomes Easier

For parents particularly, traveling was not easy as it is today, thanks to the home security camera systems. Many people faced this challenge to leave their kids at home with no nanny or caretaker due to work. But now we have smartphone apps that can keep us connected with our loved ones and kids. We can travel around anywhere easily, while keeping in touch with our family. We can check their activities, guide them about homework and even watch our kids sleeping on time through the indoor security cameras. Besides, surveillance cameras send notifications on your smartphone and email if there is any strange activity at home.

These cams offer many other benefits too. For instance, 24-hour surveillance, unlimited video storage, high resolution images and recording quality. Therefore, they are considered more reliable and more secure.

Some important features of the most advanced home security indoor cameras are:

1. High Quality Video

Having an ordinary camera is not enough. It must be able to show quality images too. If you cannot watch a recorded activity properly, the indoor camera is to no use. Therefore, consider purchasing full HD indoor camera for high quality video surveillance.

2. Wide Angled Lens

Security cameras that cannot record video from a distance fail the purpose. A home security camera should be with wide angle lens to cover extra view from different angles and maximum coverage.

3. Night vision

Indoor cameras with night vision feature work the best. It enables you to watch your home activity in at night and during daylight, both. If your indoor camera cannot show you who jumped inside from the window at night, you definitely need to upgrade your surveillance system.

4. Weather proof and water resistant

Latest indoor cameras are weather proof. This means you do not have to be worried about changing them every now and then just because the camera stopped working during winters or in rainy weather. It keeps working under all weather conditions and thus, can save you from getting them replaced every season.

5. Smartphone Control

You can control your camera through your smartphone now. Check videos, store them on cloud, peek in inside your kid’s room and many more. Modern video surveillance cameras also allow you to have instant notifications about any unwanted activity at home.

So, home security indoor cameras with all mentioned features offer more than any ordinary camera can. When are you getting yours upgraded?

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