Smart Plug Benefits

Home Automation: What is a Smart Plug and what are its benefits?

There are 40.3 million smart homes in the United States. It is estimated that average revenue generated from smart home market is $19,827 millions. While the revenue from smart appliances such as smart plugs etc is on average, $5,075 millions, according to Statista.

When we talk about facilities and modern technology, there are many things that come to our minds. However, here we would talk about a smart plug only. Do you know what a smart plug is and what purpose does it serve?

Smart Plug is Smarter than You Think

Smart plug is basically a plug that can switch on and off your lights and other home appliances virtually. Yes, this is what its function is to offer you convenience. It is a wireless device that can schedule your lamp and other home lights at certain times of the day and night.It is smarter than you think.

Smart Plug Saves Your Time

Most of the people stay busy all day. Their life confines to work, household chores. A smart plug is a great help for such people. It can play a role to get your tasks done within minutes. You need to turn on all your home lights, just go to your smartphone app and press click and you are done.

Smart Plug Saves Energy

Energy consumption is a concerning topic for most of us. Most of us want to cut down on our energy bills but it usually becomes hard. You can’t stop using electrical devices at home, right. However, we can surely save a lot on energy if we use smart plugs. It gives you freedom to control your switches and small home appliances virtually.

This means you don’t have to worry about turned on lights, switched in appliances in hurry. Just a click and you can save a lot of energy to get wasted.

Show You are Home

Police recommends everyone to follow their instructions for safety. One of the instructions they give to residents is to show others that your home is occupied. In no case, should a person know that you are not at home, even for a shorter while.

Do you know most thefts, larcenies and other unwanted incidents occur at night or when the homeowners are away at work during daytime? Criminals take advantage of absence of the homeowners. They keep an eye on homes that seem vacant and have no activity. A smart plug shows there is activity going on even when you are not there.

Consider this scenario:

You are going on vacation for fifteen or more days. Your kids are also with you. There is precious equipment and other belongings at home but you cannot take everything with you. You do not have a caretaker and therefore, you are scared of any theft or burglary.

To prevent this, one of the most effective solutions can be to show others that you are at home. This can be done if you are using a smart plug. This plug can turn the lights off or on, automatically to give impression that someone is at home. He is awake and alert.

Other Smart Features

Security specialists recommend to use a smart plug because of its smart benefits and features. It is based on the most advanced technology and it does its job well. It follows the set scheduled to switch on or off the required lights and small appliances.

Moreover, you can operate it from a distance using your smartphone. This way, smart plug even helps when you are away from home.

For inquiries and details about a smart plug or other home automation devices, contact us and get a free quote.

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