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5 Fire Safety Tips Everyone Should Know

Did you know 70 percent of fire accidents occur at homes? According to the US Fire Administration 13, 45,500 house fires were reported in 2015 alone. These home fires caused 3,280 deaths and $14.3 billion property loss on average.

Fire is indeed, “a good servant but a bad master”. It is good if it remains under control. But once, out of control, it can cause a lot of harm to you and your surroundings.

The given statistics indicate that fire burned millions of houses, thousands of people and damaged a lot of property in the country. Ironically, home fires are totally preventable.But does that mean to stop using fire or heat?

We do need fire to cook, stay warm, take warm bath etc. What to do to avoid the odd? Well, all we need is to learn to use it safely and take counter measures like using Smoke detectors.

Here is a list of safety tips that can help you keep away from being a victim of home fire:

1. Watch Out While You Cook

Never leave your kitchen while cooking. Use your cooking utensils carefully and don’t allow kids of family pets near you. If you need to leave, turn your stove off.

2. Turn Your Space Heater Off

Turn your space heater off before leaving your room. Keep it at least three feet away from you. Don’t put materials that can catch fire near it.

3. Use Candles Carefully

If you like to use candles at home, use them carefully. Put them in safe candle stands and never allow your children go near to them. NFPA recommends to keep them at least 1 foot away from you.

4. Smoke Cigarettes Outside Home

Keep sturdy ash trays for smokers. However, the best practice is to smoke outside your home. Turn the exhaust fan on, as soon as someone near you is done smoking. Don’t let smoke accumulate inside.

5. Install Smoke Alarms at Home

NFPA as well as many other national organizations recommend to use smoke detectors at home. These smoke sensors are home safety devices that can help save your life and notify fire stations in case of an emergency.

Smoke detectors sense smoke beforehand and signals the alarm control panel to take action. It is also called “smoke alarm”. Smoke alarm triggers as soon as there is a fire related emergency at home.

The most advanced smoke alarm is a combination of of 3. It is called the smoke/heat/freeze detector. This device is considered as the most efficient of all in terms of detecting all these three issues.

Three in One Safety

From a security point of view, taking precautions for only one thing is good but thinking about all possibilities is wiser. Fire, heat, smoke and freeze can be a threat to your home, loved ones and property. So, installing a three in one smoke detector would be more beneficial for you.

Be Informed even If you are not there

Be informed even if you are not at home with the latest smoke alarm. You can check alarm alerts through your smartphone from anywhere. The new smoke detector send overheat, freeze, smoke alerts to you for your good.

If you need to know about more home safety and security tips, need advise or want consultation, contact us for free.

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