Young Couple Held For Armed Burglary

News Alert: Couple Held For Armed Burglary, Georgia

Young couple booked into jail for invading a house at Hall County, this Thursday.

Mattaline V. Patterson, 18 and Keyshon J. Pulliam 19 entered a home in Newton Street and held the homeowner with a gun. They fled with his keys, wallet, cellphone and cash, says police.

Investigators searched and booked into the couple on Thursday morning. They are still under investigation in the Hall County prison. Read the report for more details.

3 Things that can keep you Safe from Home Invasion and Robberies

1 in every 5 American homes is at risk of being invaded or burglarized. This risk increases if you do not take steps to prevent your home against robbers, burglars and other criminals. Here are three things to note to keep your home, family and loved ones safe from crimes.

1.  Make Use of Modern Technology

There are many methods used to secure your home such as using door locks, keeping windows closed and many more. Traditional methods however cannot be trusted completely. There are many loopholes with them. Criminals have taken out ways for them. So, we need more reliable methods to secure our homes. One of the best ways is making use of the modern technology which involve most modern methods to secure your home against criminals. Consider a monitored home security alarm system. It ensures your home security 24/7/365, even if you are not home. Team of monitoring professionals respond immediately in case of an emergency. This is made possible with the help of latest home security systems devices.

2.  Install Home Alarm Equipment

Home alarm equipment includes smart door locks, motion sensors, glass break detectors, video surveillance cameras, doorbell cameras and much more. All these devices ensure your home is well protected and secured from any appalling incident. They help to monitor your home and sound the intruder alarm as soon as there is a movement. Besides, by alerting you on your cellphone, you can check live feed from your mobile phone from anytime.

3.  Enjoy Mobile Access

Equipment that come with mobile access is highly beneficial to secure your home and property against criminals by keeping track of activities right from your smartphone. Home security indoor cameras that come with mobile access, help you to monitor any suspicious activity from your smartphone, sitting anywhere around the country. Similarly, you get updates if there’s any strange movement inside your home detected by your motion detector and you can cross check with live video feature. Surveillance has never been this convenient and handy.

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