Young woman robbed in Home

News Alert: Young woman robbed at Home, TX

Young woman was robbed and strangled in her North Dallas apartment, police say.

TEXAS – On May 9, 24-year-old Jimmy Eugene Johnson III, a resident of Seabrook, murdered his online friend, Patricia Flores-Pavon, 26 after robbing her. The police caught Johnson this Wednesday from Walker County. Deputy Chief of police Thomas Castro informed that they found several belongings of the victim in Johnson’s car. The two had been online friends and Johnson asked her to allow him enter her home.

“I don’t want to make everybody scared, but be cautious on who you’re chatting with, be cautious on who you invite to your location,” Castro said. “That’s everybody. That’s across all lines.” You never know who the chatter can be. Keep your locations and homes safe and secure. To read full news report, Click Here.

How to Keep Your Home Safe from Criminals

Every 13 seconds, there is a crime report registered in US. It is important to keep your homes and properties safe from criminals. Robberies, murders and other property-related crimes are on a rise. To ensure safety, you can follow these tips:

1. Hide your location

Always try to hide your location from unknown people. Do not show where you are or where you live online. Talk nicely while commuting in a bus, train or car but do not give your address to strangers. Only share your original location, place, residence and area with your trusted friends.

2. Do not allow strangers to enter your home

Never allow someone to enter your home without permission. Set a strict limit. Do not be too nice to permit anyone to visit you, especially if you live alone.

3. Buy home security systems

Buying the best home security system for your home. It is probably the best solution to keep yourself safe and protected. Home security systems offer 24-7-365 monitoring to ensure your family and home is well protected. Home security equipment allows you keep a check on activities around your home. It includes devices that can track unwanted opening or closing of your door, breaking of your window panes and many more.

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